Konferenca podporne tehnologije ter nadomestne in podporne komunikacije 2019, Zagreb 15.-17.10.

We would like to invite your SLPs, professors and their students to attend the 2019 Assistive Technology and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ATAAC) Conference on advanced technology for people with disabilities, October 15-17, in Zagreb, Croatia.

The conference will be streamed online and is available free of cost for professors and their students working in these and related fields, for all three days, as well as SEN Teachers, OT/SLP/AAC/AT practitioners cooperating with non-profits.

The program will be accessible for 14 days so it can be watched at one’s own pace.

For details on the program and speakers, please visit: https://ataac.eu/program/

If you are a professor or student, please register for free access codes here: bit.ly/registrationATAAC

If you are a SEN Teacher, OT/SLP/AT or AAC practitioner cooperating with a non-profit, please register here: bit.ly/ATAACNPreg

Please do not hesitate to share the invitation with anyone in your country who could benefit from the content, and to write me regarding any further questions.


We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Best regards
from your Croatian SLP colleague,

Kresimir Persa