It Takes Two To Talk (Hanen center) prihaja v Ljubljano


Z veseljem sporočava, da bo v mesecu juniju v Ljubljani organizirana Hanen delavnica It Takes Two to Talk in vas vabiva, da se nam pridružite. Spodaj posredujeva osnovne informacije. Zainteresiranim priporočava, da se prijavite na novice (Sign Up for Notifications) – tako boste med prvimi izvedeli, kdaj bo možna registracija (običajno je to približno 3 mesece pred delavnico) in da pridobite dovoljenje delodajalca pred odprtjem registracij. Mesta so namreč omejena (najvišje število udeležencev je 14). V Ljubljani bo organizirana štiri-dnevna delavnica (od srede do sobote), cena podobne delavnice v Beogradu je bila za prve prijavljene nekaj med 700 in 800€. Dobro je, da obvladate angleščino v tej meri, da lahko aktivno sodelujete na delavnici; velik del je namreč namenjen diskusiji.

Alja Strgar in Larisa Zupanič

Dear Colleagues,

I am excited to let you know that my organization is hosting a Hanen Workshop called It Takes Two to Talk® in June. The It Takes Two to Talk workshop was developed for Speech-Language Pathologists to provide them with the strategies and coaching framework to empower parents to become an effective language facilitator for their child. We believe that this is a great evidence-based professional development opportunity for our staff and professionals in the area.

The workshop is in Ljubljana, Slovenia and scheduled for June 5-8, 2019. Registration will open soon! If you are interested in attending, please sign up for email notifications by using the link below. Hanen will email you with information on special pricing discounts as soon as registration opens.

We would love to have you join us!




It Takes Two to Talk® on June 5-8
Presented by the Hanen Centre


It Takes Two to Talk is a 3-day workshop that offers hands-on, interactive training on parent-implemented, family-centered early language intervention for Speech-Language Pathologists who work with young children with language delays (birth to 5 years) and their families.

You’ll learn effective, research-based strategies for involving parents in the early intervention process to ensure the best possible outcomes for their child.


When you take It Takes Two to Talk, you get:


  • 2.2 ASHA Continuing Education Credits or 22 Professional Development Hours
  • An effective teaching methodology for coaching parents to use responsive interaction strategies
  • An overview of learning styles and principles of adult education and their application to facilitating parents’ learning to be effective language facilitators
  • The stages of learning in terms of self-awareness, attitude and behavior change and how to adapt the use of coaching and videotaping with feedback to each stage in order to facilitate parents’ learning and application of strategies
  • An overview of It Takes Two to Talk’s three clusters of responsive interaction strategies – child-centered, interaction-promoting, and language modeling strategies
  • A comprehensive set of resources to use within your It Takes Two to Talk Programs, as well as in your everyday work with families (valued at $270)
  • Access to the member-only It Takes Two to Talk Parent workbook designed specifically for use in one-to-one therapy
  • A one-year, renewable Hanen membership offering ongoing opportunities to enhance your clinical skills


What professionals say:


“This will completely change my way of working. It has challenged some ingrained practices and I feel I have evolved as a therapist as a result.”
– Hanen Certified SLT (London, UK)

“This workshop was amazing, really well structured and flowed nicely. I liked that it was interactive and we had lots of opportunities to practice.”
– Hanen Certified SP (Sydney, Australia)

“As a young person and a new graduate, I feel much more confident in my ability to provide coaching for the parents that I work with.”
– Hanen Certified SP and Student Subsidy Award Winner


Registration for this workshop will open soon!

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